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KARL MAYER Warp Knitting Machines, as follows:
Item Number9001
MachineKARL MAYER Warp Knitting Machines, as follows:
DescriptionMRS24, MRS25, MRS30, MRS32, MRS36, MRS42, MRSS32,MRSS42, MRGSF31/16, MRGSF23/12, MRESJ43/1, MRESJ73/1, MRESJ78/1, MRPJF59/1/24, MRPJF54/1/24, MRPJ25/1, MRPJ43/1, MRPJ73/1, MRGF31/16, MRGF23/12, MRG25, RSE4-1and so on.

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