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NEUMAG Draw Line Components, 1400mm wide.
Item Number9023
MachineNEUMAG Draw Line Components, 1400mm wide.
Description - (1) Pre-tension stand, 7 roll unit but used as 5 roll. #11148 - (1) 7 roll godet stand. #11144 - (1) 5 roll godet stand. #11155 - (1) Pre-Crimp spray finish system with nip. #11151 - (1) Dancer, 450mm x 250mm # 11967 - (2) Tension Stands, ~700mm #11150 - (1) Tow stacker. #11147 More photos under separate item numbers above. This line was last reported running polyester fiber at about ~12,000 pph. There are no motors or drives available but there is some system piping and hoods. Components are available separately!
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NEUMAG Draw Line Components, 1400mm wide.

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